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Believes and Values

Mission Vision


Our goal is to be an organization, which ensures building ISP ERP solutions, web based application maintaining standard quality to bring about wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind.



Our aim is generate profit for our clients, employees through developing innovative, distinguished standard software solutions and web based applications by working with dedication, we will be a socially responsible entity.

Our Policy

As we know the prime responsibility of a company is generating profits, companies can at the same time contribute to social and environmental objectives through integrating corporate social responsibility as a strategic investment into their core business strategy, management instruments and their operations more efficiently using information technology.

We are very passionate to the endless possibilities and the strength of the people of Bangladesh specially in the IT sector. Nextech Limited regards corporate social responsibility, as a ‘complementary’ combination of ethical and responsible corporate behavior, as well as a commitment towards generating greater benefit for the society by addressing the development needs of the country and of our people.

Nextech Limited provides training, learning and working environment, management-employee relations which can have a direct impact on productivity. It opens a way of managing change and reconciling social development with improved competitiveness. Not only had the work related technical trainings but also various social, environmental, communication, healthcare, women empowerment etc. training’s for our employees are a regular event in Nextech Limited. Nextech Limited is proud of its responsible recruitment practices, involving in particular non-discriminatory practices. We are an equal opportunity organization and we also facilitate the recruitment of people from ethnic minorities, older workers, women and the long-term unemployed and people at disadvantage, which is why we believe, in a developing country like Bangladesh; despite all the challenges of global competitiveness, we can cope with other developed nations with better and enhanced performance.

Employment History

Career Highlights : Publications: 8 journal and 30 conference papers.
Thesis Supervision: 15 Masters students from 2002 to 2008.
Published Books: 3 books on Statistics from Higher Secondary and Tertiary level.

Employment History :

Employment History :

Core Team

Our core team has a strong technical background. Its out of the box creative instincts and professional skill helped it to develop complex and sophisticated applications that can speed up and simplify the business critical processes of your organization.

Every member of our core technical team has substantial experience in software development, web development and business / technology consulting. Each member has held the responsibility for the development of large-scale software projects across a variety of industries and using a variety of programming languages and technology platforms to implement solutions. Diverse business knowledge and insight accompanies their technical skills.

Development Team

Nextech Limited has quite a team full of intelligent, highly skilled and committed programmers. They are Microsoft Certified .Net / Web Development professionals. The Development Team is tirelessly working to create new web based software as well as upgrading the old ones. This team is the core of the operation. These programmers have the nerve to create something radical and new as well as troubleshoot any problem that comes in their way.

Marketing Team

Marketing Team is a vital wing for any institution. No product is a good product, unless it is presented in the proper way and marketed to the right person! This sort of team requires a man of experiences, visions and who is absolutely a people person. Md. Rubel/em>, the head of this wing and his team are fiercely working to create road maps for something new based on the current needs. This is the brain of the operation, where the market is analyzed and filtered. Rubel makes sure that the team thinks of something that can make a difference, yet fruitful for both Nextech Limitedand its’ Clients. Thus, he eliminates the wastage of manpower and creates a bridge between the Client and the Nextech Limited.

Implementation Team

Implementation Team is the bridge between the Development Team and the Client. This team is responsible for conveying the messages from the Client to the Development Team. For instance, once the Client or the Management of a business is faced with a problem that they can not fathom or solve, Implementation Team comes to the rescue. They are the first ones that are briefed about the problem and from there they convey the message to the Development Team for to solve or troubleshoot it. Nextech Limitedhas an Implementation Team that is consisted of professionals that are always on communication with the Client to make sure that their requirements are met!

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